When you are SleepFitTM

you can get all the sleep you need

whenever you need it

wherever you are

to live the life you dream about

Life is better with great sleep!

Sleep is singular, in its effect on how we experience life…

Sleep regulates and boosts: brain power, physical energy and immunity
Directly affecting: productivity, performance, health and mental well-being.

Quality sleep is also a real antidote to anxiety and stress and the foundation of personal resilience!

If your life is full – busy schedule, demanding job, frequent travel, shift-work, family responsibilities
Or, you’re a “high-performance” professional – athletes, creative performers, front line or essential worker

You’ll benefit greatly from having both the recovery ability and confidence that comes with being truly SleepFIT!

SleepFIT Tools & Programs  

How you can start on your path to SleepFIT-ness today

SleepFIT offers a number of tools and programs designed to complement each other in improving your overall sleep experience.

SleepFIT supports you in discovering an entirely new relationship, capacity and confidence
by addressing sleep in a new way – as an action – an integrated aspect of your day.

Get all the sleep you need,
whenever you need it,
wherever you are!


Sleep First

Free Self-Activated SleepFIT Program

A ZeroGravity.Life initiative to “lower the global sleep debt”!

An easy first step in taking charge of your sleep life.

Improve your sleep awareness and SleepFIT-ness in just a few minutes a day!

Powerful companion program for Sleep GIANT users.

Sleep Giant

Premium Sleep Performance System

Experience the deep blissful sleep with zero-G Acoustics Sleep Atmospheres.

Supports and harmonizes every aspect of your sleep and recovery.

Integrates seamlessly into your daily life.

Enhances all other SleepFIT programs

Start with a 14 day free trial!

SleepFIT Coaching

Sleep Performance Coaching – addressing your unique, individual sleep needs.

Resolve difficult or long term sleep issues for improved confidence and quality of life.

Designed for: Parents, Career Professionals, Performers, Athletes, individuals with demanding lives.

Types: Intensive Coaching Capsules, SleepFIT Pro Monthly Programs

SleepFIT Curriculum

Being SleepFIT

A foundation for living a ZeroGravity.Life

The SleepFIT program series “curriculum for sleep” – a complete set of sleep performance programs: self guided and professionally coached options that give you the tools and confidence to make you the expert when it comes to managing your sleep life.

illustration showing the SleepFit curriculum and programs. Figure selecting Sleep Giant block and showing connection to the other courses and coaching programs described below

*Sleep Giant – Premium Sleep Performance System

Experience the bliss of zero-G Acoustics audio Sleep Atmospheres. Sleep Giant’s comprehensive support in restoring, harmonizing and every aspect of our sleep and recovery process. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your life and any program in SleepFit Curriculum.

Start with a 14 day free trial

*Sleep First

Free Self Activated Program

The first step in the SleepFit integration process

  • Taking charge of your sleep experience
  • Can be done before starting a coached program

Combine with Sleep Giant for Best Results

Duration: Open ended

Sleep First Plus

Coaching Capsule Programs

Sleep First Plus is an intensive program which offers the advantage of professional coaching while being introduced to the zero-G Sleep Performance Inquiry. Available in individual or small group programs.

In a small group context, accelerate your integration process with the shared experience with your cohort group members.

Duration: 5 weeks

SleepFIT Pro

SleepFIT Professional Coaching

For those that want to resolve intractable sleep issues, or long term sleep debt.


High performance individuals that want to explore optimizing their sleep for their work, performance or health.

For Individuals and Families.

Duration: (2 months minimum)

*These two programs are a good place to start your journey to SleepFIT-ness.

Sleep Primer

things to keep in mind about sleep

Your sleep pattern is singular, unique to you

Your sleep pattern sets the rhythm of your life

Sleep can easily be disturbed e.g. busy mind, excitement, anticipation, stress or physical pain

Sleep patterns are dynamic, ever changing

Immunity, memory and coordination are all affected on the same day we’re short on sleep

Negative effects continue to accumulate over time

Napping, the original & best energy booster, is available to you 24 hours/day

You can be SleepFIT just as you can be fit for anything else

Sleep quality affects life quality

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