When you are SleepFitTM

you can get all the sleep you need

whenever you need it

wherever you are

to live the life you dream about

Sleep is singular

in its global effect on the way we live and experience all of life itself.

Sleep is also singular in its importance…, in maintaining and boosting our core systems… brain power, physical energy & performance, immunity & health and mental well-being the real antidote to anxiety and stress – all of which are fundamental elements needed to experience personal resilience in-real-time, essential to effectively meet the challenges of daily life as they happen.

Sleep First +  

Sleep First+ is a FREE introduction to becoming SleepFit

This self-activated program starts with a simple SleepFit quiz which begins the path to becoming a conscious sleeper.

By getting to know your “sleep-self” in a new, and more complete way – the experience of being a resilient, confident sleeper is a natural outcome.

Being SleepFit is an optimal sleep experience available to everyone – while living our everyday lives.


Getting started on your journey to SleepFitness is easy…

➥ Assess your current sleep state with the Sleep First Quiz below
➥ Get our score and feedback based on your current SleepFitness

Take the next steps on your path to SleepFit
➥ your Baseline Survey – review you current sleep state<//span>
➥ Track you sleep experience each day – with Sleepfit Tracker daily for one month

Take this quiz to see how SleepFitTM you are!

Sleep Primer

things to keep in mind about sleep

Your sleep pattern is singular, unique to you

Your sleep pattern sets the rhythm of your life

Sleep can easily be disturbed e.g. busy mind, excitement, anticipation, stress or physical pain

Sleep patterns are dynamic, ever changing

Immunity, memory and coordination are all affected on the same day we’re short on sleep

Negative effects continue to accumulate over time

Napping, the original & best energy booster, is available to you 24 hours/day

You can be SleepFIT just as you can be fit for anything else

Sleep quality affects life quality

sllep giant app - multiple pages

Sleep Giant – the only SleepFit system

Available soon at your app store!

Experience the bliss of zero-G Sleep with SLEEP GIANT


Being SleepFit means you have both the confidence and ability, to get all the sleep you need, when you need it, wherever you are!

Sleep Giant offers you a reliable path to becoming a truly resilient sleeper – its suite of zero-G acoustic “Sleep Atmospheres” – improves the mind/body integration essential for achieving quality deep sleep.

Sleep Giant programs address all aspects of sleep – getting in the Wind Down zone before bed, improving the Sleep Deep quality throughout the night, Waking Up naturally and easily in the morning – as well as full-cycle zero-G PowerNaps, help you recharge and wake up ready for the rest of your day

There’s no need to prolong the suffering of poor sleep any longer.

Rest Deeply and Live Wide Awake
Become a Sleep Giant today

Reserve your space now!

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