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whenever you need it

wherever you are

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Being SleepFitTM = Sleep Confidence

You have a robust relationship with the entire sleep and recovery process.
Whether it’s being able to get to sleep when you need to, sleeping deeply and waking up refreshed or taking a powernap during the day to get the kind of boost only a nap can provide.

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Experience zero-G Sleep with Sleep Giant

Sleep Giant comprises a suite of zero-G Acoustics audio “Atmospheres” – bio-acoustic soundscapes that have an overall balancing effect, improving mind/body integration, sleep quality and personal resilience during the day.

Sleep Giant – the only SleepFit system
Sleep Giant offers a reliable path to becoming a truly resilient sleeper.

Register as an early adopter of Sleep Giant today and be one of the first to experience the immediate benefits – to mental and physical energy, Immunity, health and an overall sense of well-being starting tomorrow!

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