Step 2: a new context for addressing sleep

The elements of Sleep First+ – Sleep Awareness Course

Sleep First Assessment Quiz
A new context for addressing sleep
➥ Baseline Survey
➥ SleepFit Daily Tracker

A new context for addressing sleep

Zero-Gravity.Life’s Living Octave programs are built to help us refine self-awareness of our organic nature and life rhythms. It is through coming to know ourselves more completely – in any aspect – that our inherent resilience comes into being, along with real confidence in our capabilities.

Although we don’t always relate to it in this way, sleep is our primary source of life energy – performance, robust health and resilient well-being – so it’s well worth finding out what actually works best for ourselves.

Sleep First+ is a unique and easy, self-activated introduction to developing personal “sleep-awareness”, the first aspect in becoming SleepFit.

It is by paying attention to our sleep rhythm in action each day – developing a new awareness and ability to reflect on our actual sleep experience – that is paramount to discovering our unique sleep requirements.

Engaging your sleep experience in this new way, “being awake to your sleep”, opens a pathway to becoming a truly self-reliant sleeper and confidence that arises naturally along with it.

In completing the Sleep First self-assessment quiz, getting your “SleepFit score” and guidance, you’ve taken the first step. The next step, reviewing your overall sleep experience.

Step 2 Actions: Establishing your SleepFit Baseline

Respond to the Baseline Survey – being mindful of your responses as you go through the survey – which will give you a more comprehensive picture of the way you currently relate to your sleep process.

When you complete your baseline survey you’ll be ready for the next phase – the SleepFit Daily Tracker.

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