Step 3: SleepFit Tracker

The elements of Sleep First+ – Sleep Awareness Course

Sleep First Assessment Quiz
A new context for addressing sleep
Baseline Survey
SleepFit Daily Tracker

You’ve completed the second step – the SleepFit baseline survey – now, you are ready for the next step.

Using the SleepFit Tracker each day

This simple self assessment done each morning, is a simple yet powerful tool designed to help you get in sync with your sleep rhythm a fundamental aspect in developing true SleepFitness.

Step 3 Actions: Fill out the SleepFit Tracker daily

Fill out the SleepFit Tracker as you awaken daily for one month (30 day) – use the tracker to get acquainted with your sleep rhythm – by paying attention and reflecting on your sleep experience and responses each morning.

ZeroGravity.Life - Pro Tip - filling out your SleepFit Tracker

  • In reviewing your overall sleep experience each day – notice whether you are automatically relating to your sleep experience as you always have or if you are seeing it with fresh eyes each day, as it actually is.
  • Although your responses will be available to you, it’s recommended that you wait to review “the data” until you’ve completed a month of responses.

As you progress through the month – see how just by paying attention to your sleep in this new way affects your:

Time to bed
Sleep rhythm
Amount of sleep
Sleep quality
Experience of waking up
Physical and mental energy as you go through your day
Your mood / disposition with life

When you’ve completed one month or 30 days, SleepFit Tracker responses, you will have established a new baseline of awareness of your sleep experience.

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