Step 4: Options to continue exploring your SleepFit-ness

Congratulations, be engaging the SleepFit tracker for the last couple of months, you have completed an important step on your path to SleepFit-ness.

You now have options to continue your journey or take what you have learned so far and apply it in your life each day.

You can continue your self directed path to becoming SleepFit.

🟊 Continue to use the SleepFit Tracker for another month (or more), benefited by your new “sleep-consciousness” – as you continue to become more sensitive to your body’s feedback.
🟊 Make incremental adjustments to your sleep process that improves your overall SleepFit-ness.

Or, if you feel there is more you want to discover in optimizing your sleep or helping your household get the sleep they wish they could.  

With live SleepFit Coaching!

–   We offer two types of programs for those interested in personal sleep specific coaching:

Option 1:

Sleep First+ Coaching Capsule – consulting package.

🟊 We review your Baseline Survey and 2 Months of SleepFit Tracker Data
🟊 A 1-hour consulting session (zoom or phone)
🟊 Receive assessment and recommendations for areas to           address on your path to SleepFit-ness.

zero-G Coaching capsules are a designed to give you a “single cycle” coaching experience – they are also a good way to see if you may want to engage a longer SleepFit coaching program.

Option 2:

zero-G SleepFit – personal coaching programs

🟊 For those experiencing chronic sleep issues
🟊 High performance lifestyle individuals that want to tune their sleep efficiency
🟊 Perfect for Couples and families  that want to find solutions for each individual based on their needs
🟊 2 month program (min)

Supercharge your sleep experience with Sleep Giant

The complete sleep performance system now available in convenient app form.

Used by individuals from all walks of life – new parents, students, business people, professionals and world class athletes alike – to take charge of their SleepFit-ness and harmonize their sleep experiences.

Experience Sleep Giants progressive benefits:

  • Sleep Recovery
  • Sleep Intelligence
  • Sleep Integration
  • Live a better life
  • Live SleepFit

Go here to find out more – start with 14 days of free access.


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