Step 4: options to continue exploring SleepFitness

Continue your self directed path to becoming SleepFit.

🟊 Continue to use the SleepFit Tracker for another month(or more), benefitted by your new “sleep-awareness” – as you continue to become more sensitive to your body’s feedback.
🟊 Make adjustments to your process that incrementally improve your overall SleepFitness.

Want Live SleepFit Coaching?

We offer two types of programs for those interested in sleep specific coaching:

Sleep First+ Coaching – single session “capsule” consulting package.

🟊 Have your Baseline Survey and SleepFit Tracker Data reviewed
🟊 A 1-hour consulting session (zoom or phone)
🟊 Receive Recommendations for areas to address moving forward.

zero-G SleepFit – personal coaching programs

🟊 For those that have chronic sleep issues
🟊 High performance lifestyle individuals that want to tune their sleep efficiency
🟊 Couples and families that want to find solutions for each individual based on their needs
🟊 2 month program

Supercharge your sleep experience with Sleep Giant

The complete sleep performance system now available in convenient app form.

Used by individuals from all walks of life – new parents, students, business people, professionals and world class athletes alike – to take charge of their SleepFitness and harmonize their sleep experiences.

Go here to find out more – start with 14 days of free access.


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