10 – 12am Midnight 10 – 12am Midnight
12am Midnight – 3am 12am Midnight – 3am
3 – 3:30am 3 – 3:30am
3:30 – 7am 3:30 – 7am
7 -7:30am 7 -7:30am
7:30 – 9am 7:30 – 9am
9am – 12pm 9am – 12pm
12 – 1pm 12 – 1pm
1 – 3pm 1 – 3pm
3 – 4pm 3 – 4pm
4 – 6pm 4 – 6pm
6 – 7pm 6 – 7pm
7 – 10pm 7 – 10pm

10 – 12am Midnight

Make falling asleep is a breeze with Wind Down

We’ve all had the “nightmare” experience of getting into bed already tired but too wound up or anxious to be able to sleep!! Sleep Giant has got you covered with zero-G Acoustics bio-harmonizing Wind Down programs. All you need to do is put Wind Down on for 30 minutes as you’re getting ready to sleep.

12am Midnight – 3am

Experience the bliss of Deep Recovery Sleep every night

Deep (recovery) sleep is the fuel source for your day – Sleep Deep Albums – as Sleep Giants are designed to support your optimal sleep throughout the night. You can program Sleep Giant to support your full night’s sleep in two modes: 1) Sleep Time mode – supports waking up naturally 2) Target Time Mode – wakes you up smoothly and easily – without an alarm clock(!) – on your schedule!

3 – 3:30am

Wide awake in the middle of the night – (Sleep Siesta)

One of the most valuable aspects of becoming “SleepFit” with Sleep giant is finding your optimal personal sleep cycle.
Finding yourself wide awake at 3AM? You are not alone… Nearly 25% of people report finding themselves “fully awake” in the middle of the night, on a regular basis! “Sleep Giants” report feeling more confident in their overall ability to get (back) to sleep (called 2nd Sleep) when their body needs it naturally.

3:30 – 7am

Enjoy your early morning sleep (2nd sleep) – remember your dreams

How we wake up is perhaps more dependent on the last few hours of sleep than the first few.
As people continue to use Sleep Giant… people find that the quality of both early morning sleep and their dream recall improves.

7 -7:30am

End “alarm-clock shock” forever… Wake up more easily than ever

Improve your quality-of-life at the start of every day – Sleep Giant makes waking up a breeze
Sleep “Giants” report an end to chronic sleep debt, restoring broken sleep cycles both of which lead to being able to wake up naturally and easily with our “Easy Wake” system, that helps you wake up gradually, smoothly.

Simply said, we use alarm clocks when our life schedule forces us to wake up earlier than our body is ready for. This is a jarring, even painful event (physiologically) and not the optimal way to start your day.
Sleep Giant fundamentally improves our “waking-up” experience – by improving both overall sleep quality and the rhythms of sleep cycles allowing you to wake up naturally, before the alarm clock.

7:30 – 9am

“Starting your day” – Getting your mind and body into action

Although it is easily overlooked with the pressures of the day ahead, how we actually (fully) wake-up during that first hour can affect our entire day – mood, attention span, energy and outlook for life… People report waking up easily, and “in a good mood” for the first time in their lives after beginning with Sleep Giant.

As our sleep-fitness improves, enhanced with Sleep Giant, people find that they are more able to pay attention to the aspects of their day that make a real difference in the quality of life.

And, as with sleep and our other fundamental physiological rhythms, we each have our own unique way, that works best for us – SleepFit and Sleep Giant help us in discovering these ways for ourselves.

9am – 12pm

AM Work / Performance Period

One of the most noticeable benefits of Sleep Giant, and being SleepFit, is in the “performance” aspect of our day. Being “fully slept” when you are under pressure to perform – whether it’s giving a presentation at work or qualifying for the Olympics – makes a difference unlike any other. Sleep’s overall integrative effect is such that each aspect of performance improves individually, but more importantly it sets a foundation condition for the fabled performance “zone” to occur.

12 – 1pm

Midday reset – Lunch

Every work/performance activity allows for a (“lunch”) break – how we use that break can make a real difference for the rest of the day. What and how much you eat along with how or whether you give your brain some down time/free space allowing it to reset.

Sleep Giant offers a range of “full cycle” zero-G Naps – full-cycle sleep support – helps you fall asleep and wake up fully, to be ready for the rest of your day.

1 – 3pm

Afternoon work/performance period

Maintaining effective levels of energy and attention are typically more difficult as the day proceeds. Many people find working or performing during the afternoon challenging for a number of reasons. Some part of this can be related to our volume of food intake but this is also the part of the day where being “short slept” the night before or in chronic sleep debt make their presence felt. As you improve your sleep quality throughout the night, you are less susceptible to being in a sleep coma, during the afternoon, improving both productivity and mood!

3 – 4pm

Mid Afternoon Dip (Siesta)

Although we may associate the “siesta” with a European tradition this mid-afternoon period founded in a corresponding physiological response – a natural dip in energy.

“Sleep Giant users can take advantage of this dip (if their schedule allows) and use one of the short duration/full cycle zero-G Nap programs – recharging their brain and boosting energy and performance for the rest of their day.

4 – 6pm

Late afternoon/evening activities

Although motivation can be really high for fun exercise activities, having real and sustainable energy can only come from having your sleep tank topped off. If you’ve been too busy to take a moment for yourself during your day, Sleep Giant provides the tools and options for maximizing your energy.

6 – 7pm

Evening Meal Time

The tradition of the evening meal – typically we allow ourselves to relax after the day’s exertions while preparing a meal that is both pleasurable to taste and nutritionally sound. Being able to sufficiently relax your mind and body while you eat, it’s not only the most enjoyable experience but also enhances digestion and available energy.

7 – 10pm

Evening relaxation

As our day moves towards the evening, we naturally move toward more relaxing activities, (perhaps) allowing the pressures of the day to dissipate, making way for personal entertainment or a more contemplative time of the day. Being able to “wind down” sufficiently is essential for any of these activities to be possible and of any real benefit. “Sleep Giants” report having a much easier time winding down in general and preparing to experience sweet zero-G Sleep.

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